/ Digital x Analog

The Open Call
(How to tame the multi headed dragon in the palace of mirrors?)

2018, HD video, colour, stereo, 11’57’’
video, montage and drawings: Karina Beumer
sound: Katinka de Jonge, Igor Kłaczyński, voice: Liesje De Laet
translation: Brenda Tempelaar
special thanks to: Pascal Gielen, Lara Garcia Diaz, Peter Lemmens, Jan Reimus


The Saloon Within (videostill)
2018, HDV colour, 04’13”
song: Frederik Gruyaert


Johann about ceramics being the new video (videostill)
2015, HDV colour, 04’18”



Interview with Philip the Painting (videostill)
2015, HDV colour, sound 01’21”