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How about a ghostwriter writing a deleted scene for an offscreen character?
2018, HDV colour, no sound, 10’04”
collaboration with Peter Lemmens

The Open Call
(How to tame the multi headed dragon in the palace of mirrors?)

2018, HD video, colour, stereo, 11’57’’
video, montage and drawings: Karina Beumer
sound: Katinka de Jonge, Igor Kłaczyński, voice: Liesje De Laet
translation: Brenda Tempelaar
special thanks to: Pascal Gielen, Lara Garcia Diaz, Peter Lemmens, Jan Reimus

The Open Quest
2018, HD video, colour, stereo, 17’22’’
video,interview, montage and drawings: Karina Beumer
with: Pascal Gielen, Lara Garcia Diaz
interview: Katinka de Jonge, Karina Beumer, Liesje De Laet
translation: Brenda Tempelaar

Iron Sky 2 (the making of)
2017, HDV colour, stereo, 13’58”

Curator Wouter Van Loo invites Karina Beumer to take part in a group exhibition. He promotes the exhibition as: “An exhibition with six young female artists.” Therefore Karina invites Wouter to execute her work: to built a tribune for the exhibition. She also gives Wouter the task to document his (her) work in video. Karina cuts the material using her female gaze, and tries to objectify Wouter.

The tribune was on show during the exhibition, accompanied with the edited film footage. After the exhibition, Karina uses the parts of the tribune as a book closet in her studio. Wouter gets the video file in return.

We Have To Think Of Something Else
2016,HDV color stereo 11’35”
with: Hans de Jonge, Lydia Debeer, Timo van Grinsven

Was Het Maar Zo Makkelijk
2016, HDV color stereo | 22’37”
with: Karl Ove Knausgård, Ruth Joos, Els, Simon Kentgens, Welmer Keesmaat, Edwin Deen, Stefan Wouters, Stefan van der Meer, Nico Dockx

Open For New Challenges
2016, HDV color stereo 30’13’’
with Geoffrey de Beer, Bart Vanderbiesen, Tiago Duarte, Erik Hagoort, Brenda Tempelaar, Winnie Claessens, Céline Mathieu, Mihnea Mircan, Alessandro Melis, Valerie Van Roey, Ingrid Verhoeven

Mobile Autonomy
Exercises in Artists’ Self Organization
2015, with: Frederik Vergaert, Valérie de Ghellinck, Pascal Gielen, Nico Dockx, Frederike Landau, Thomas Hirschhorn and Stacy Brafield