/ ghostwriters

How about a ghostwriter writing a deleted scene for an offscreen character?
2018, HDV colour, no sound, 10’04”
collaboration with Peter Lemmens


Unsound methods or how I preferred the movie
collaboration with Peter Lemmens
Lomez Publishing
A digital movie file (06 themissingscene_jungletrailerssummary_karinabeumer.mp4) was opened with an incompatible software (TextEdit) resulting in an illegible novelization of the film.
36 unique volumes, soft cover, black & white
Pages: 18106
Dimensions: 150 mm x 23o mm
first edition (36 volumes) 650 euros
second edition (per volume) 22 euros

picture: Welmer Keesmaat / Katrin Kamrau


A series of (in)direct questions to one or two or three authors of a casually collected set of publications without it being immediately clear whom or which publication these address.
Tique salon 14, with Brenda Tempelaar, Peter Lemmens
pictures: Welmer Keesmaat and Katrin Kamrau


2017, HDV colour, stereo 10’51”
As performer Alex Cecchetti requests volunteers to come to the stage, it’s you who will take care of the public interaction. Alex does not know how big his influence on this video-research is. In parallel to that, sound-designer Igor Kłaczyński transforms written text into sound and you will loose a finger. Special thanks to Eleanor Duffin and Agnieszka Sosnowska.