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“Where do the characters go when the story ends? is both a book and a film trilogy. It comprises Beumer’s recent films ‘Open for new challenges’, ‘Was het maar zo makkelijk’ (If only it were that easy) and ‘We have to think of something else’ (part One and Two). The book chronicles each film frame by frame, interspersing images with texts by Eleanor Duffin, Brenda Tempelaar, Céline Mathieu, Ingrid Verhoeven, Dennis Van Mol, Els, Lise Lotte ten Voorde, Puck Vonk, Stijn Huijts and an accompanying ‘director’s commentary’ dialogue between Beumer and Publication Studio’s Yin Yin Wong, which documents the development of the book itself.

In the spirit of Beumer’s practice, this project is a process of accumulation. Within the films, scripts are build up by being repeatedly enacted, continuously altered and constantly renegotiated. Tools of communication — translation, indication, instruction, and explanation — become stage directions and create entry points for improvisation, weaving reality throughout the scripts that somehow, perhaps through the act of framing itself as art, becomes a fiction of its own. And just as the film becomes an exhibition becomes a book, the status of the participants shifts along with the work too — elements fold onto each other as people unexpectedly find themselves at once an incidental bystander and a star of the film, somehow signing their autographs at its book launch.”
– Publication Studio Rotterdam

Where do the characters go when the story ends?
2015 – 2018 filmnovel, Publication Studio Rotterdam
Redactie en video en vorm: Karina Beumer,
Schrijvers: Geoffrey de Beer, Erik Hagoort, Brenda Tempelaar, Winnie Claessens, Alexandra Crouwers, Valerie Van Roey, Céline Mathieu, Ingrid Verhoeven, Dennis Van Mol, Karl Ove Knausgård, Ruth Joos, Els, Simon Kentgens, Welmer Keesmaat, Edwin Deen, Stefan Wouters, Stefan van der Meer, Nico Dockx, Hans de Jonge, Lydia Debeer, Timo van Grinsven, Lise Lotte ten Voorde, Eleanor Duffin, Yin Yin Wong, Stijn Huijts, Puck Vonk. Vormgeving: Yin Yin Wong
Pages: 342, Dimensions: 140㎜ × 240㎜ × 26㎜, ISBN: 9789492308160, Prijs: 32 euro

Showreel Filmtrilogy
2015-2019 HDV colour, stereo 10’51”
with: Open for new challenges, Was het maar zo makkelijk, We have to think of something else, Where do the characters go when the story is over and You probably think this song is about you.
Special thanks to: Puck Vonk, Karl Ove Knausgård, Ruth Joos, YinYin Wong, Nico Dockx, Timo van Grinsven, Hans de Jonge, Geoffrey de Beer, Winnie Claessens.


Open For New Challenges
2016, HDV color stereo 30’13’’
with Geoffrey de Beer, Bart Vanderbiesen, Tiago Duarte, Erik Hagoort, Brenda Tempelaar, Winnie Claessens, Céline Mathieu, Mihnea Mircan, Alessandro Melis, Valerie Van Roey, Ingrid Verhoeven


Was Het Maar Zo Makkelijk
2016, HDV color stereo | 22’37”
with: Karl Ove Knausgård, Ruth Joos, Els, Simon Kentgens, Welmer Keesmaat, Edwin Deen, Stefan Wouters, Stefan van der Meer, Nico Dockx


We Have To Think Of Something Else
2016,HDV color stereo 11’35”
with: Hans de Jonge, Lydia Debeer, Timo van Grinsven

Every time she thinks or reads the word meta,
she has to search again for its meaning.”
— Eleanor Duffin


Publiekswerking (videostill)
2018, HDV colour, no sound, loop

2019, HDV color stereo 05’40’’
cameo: Marc Bijl