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Terms of Conditions is een choose-your-own-adventure book over een freelancer die zichzelf ontslaat en op precies hetzelfde moment door zichzelf wordt ontslagen.Wat zijn de complicaties van deze acties? Jij bepaalt het verhaal door te kiezen.

Enkele vragen onderweg: In hoeverre ben je zelf al een product? Wie werkt voor wie? Is het werk als je er niet voor wordt betaald? En hoe zit het met mensen die geld verdienen aan je specifieke onzekerheden, aan je angsten, verlangens en dromen? 📖 Het boek is te koop voor €39,99 📖 De book launch opent op 29 mei in de Bovenkamer van Fred & Ferry Gallery, van 13u tot 18u, en is te bezoeken tot en met 19 juni. Dit project werd ondersteund door het Mondriaan Fonds en de culturele activiteitenpremie van de Vlaamse Overheid.


Terms of Conditions is a choose-your-own-adventure book about a freelancer who simultaneously fires herself and resigns. What are the complications of these actions? You determine the story by choosing.

Some questions along the way: To what extent are you already a product yourself? Who works for whom? Is it work if you don’t get paid for it? And what about people who make money from your specific insecurities, from your fears, desires and dreams? 📖 The book will be for sale for €39,99 📖 The book launch opens on May 29 in the Bovenkamer of Fred & Ferry Gallery, 13h-18h and is on view until June 19. This project is generously supported by the Mondriaan Fund and the culturele activiteitenpremie van de Vlaamse Overheid.

For five consecutive weeks, Annelein Pompe replaces Karina Beumer in her artistic practice. During this period Annelein continues to work on the choose-your-own-adventure book Terms of Conditions, gives a lecture in LUCA Brussels about the role of animation in the work of Karina Beumer, a talk after the film screening in iii The Hague, follows up the emails from Karina, and writes a report on her experience of this period: Diary of a substitute. — The employer and employee

I’m starting to feel like a fat anthropologist in the jungle of her fast mind. She is a kind of reporter from the parallel universe where jokes have become an everyday occurrence. Still appreciated, but due to the time difference, not always funny. However they have a full right to exist. The conditions are as moldable as the clay of the hands growing out of her camera. The autonomy of ideas and the exclusive right to ideas and images is fading. The rule is to eliminate myself. — The substitute