/ video


2017 / HDV video colour, stereo, 10’51”
As performer Alex Cecchetti requests volunteers to come to the stage, Karina Beumer plays with the idea of public interaction. Alex, then, does not know how big his influence on this video-research is. In parallel to that,sound-designer Igor Kłaczyński transforms written text into sound.
video: Karina Beumer
sound design: Igor Kłaczyński
text: Eleanor Duffin
performance: Alex Cecchetti
curator: Agnieszka Sosnowska


2017 / HDV colour, stereo 22’50”
The critical tourism series, is created by architecture studio Centrala. It is an evolving guided-tour throughout Warsaw’s memoryscape. Małgorzata Kuciewicz shows Marek and Karina the metamonument: a monument about a monument. Marek and Karina try to add an other layer in to this term, and therefore create a metamonumentperformance. In this project, some questions arise: What is the battle of the monuments? Can documentation be a strategy? Is possible to do anything at this monument without making unconscious propaganda? And: how to be careful?
a project by Marek van de Watering and Karina Beumer
video: Karina Beumer
music: Hard End Soft
voice over: Małgorzata Kuciewicz



1 Open For New Challenges (30’13”) / 2016


 Mobile Autonomy

Exercises in Artists’ Self Organization
speakers: Frederik Vergaert, Valérie de Ghellinck, Pascal Gielen, Nico Dockx, Frederike Landau, Thomas Hirschhorn and Stacy Brafield.
2015 / HDV color stereo 20’06’’



2015 / HDV colour, stereo 21’55


Johann about ceramics being the new video

2015 / HDV colour, stereo 04’18”


Interview with Philip the Painting 

2014 / HDV colour, stereo 01’21”


The painter and the knight 

2014 / HDV colour, stereo 00’21”