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You probably think this song is about you
2018, HD video, colour, stereo, 02’27’’
text: Carly Simon, voice: Femmy Jo van der Molen


The Open Call
(How to tame the multi headed dragon in the palace of mirrors?)
2018, HD video, colour, stereo, 11’57’’
video, montage and drawings: Karina Beumer
sound: Katinka de Jonge, Igor Kłaczyński, voice: Liesje De Laet
translation: Brenda Tempelaar
special thanks to: Pascal Gielen, Lara Garcia Diaz, Peter Lemmens, Jan Reimus

NL The Open Call (How to tame the multi-headed dragon in the palace of mirrors?) is een video-installatie waarin de toeschouwer wordt opgenomen in een mindfullness-sessie op een beeldscherm. De sessie wordt verschillende malen onderbroken door binnenkomende e-mails e-mails, die je oproepen om te reageren op deOpen Call (urgent). We drijven verder met badende apen, dansende tenen, een man die zijn ervaring deelt tijdens zijn jaar offline te leven, en het fenomeen zelfexploitatie (maar dan slaat de hydra toe af met haar lokroep (of hebben we dat zelf gedaan?)). (Zijn we al een computer geworden?) Tijdens de sessie worden we, samen met de Open Source-shells, ‘opgeladen’ door Toolland de verwarmingslamp.

ENG The Open Call (How to tame the multi-headed dragon in the palace of mirrors?) is a video installation in which the spectator is taken into a mindfulness session that is interrupted by various e-mails calling you to respond to the Open Call (urgent). We drift off with bathing monkeys, dancing toes, a man who shares his experience to live offline for a year, and the phenomenon self-exploitation (but then the hydra has already slayed us with its lure (or did we do that ourselves?) (Have we not already become a computer?)))? After each session we, together with the Open Source shells, are ‘charged’ by Toolland the heating lamp.


The Missing Scene
2018, HD video, stereo, 06’28”
sound: Igor Kłaczyński
music: Hard End Soft



Dear Michael Dean
2017, travel journey
Eleanor Duffin & Karina Beumer cycle from Antwerp to Munster (Skulptur Projekte) to Kassel (documenta14)
questions by: Eleanor Duffin, Karina Beumer
drawings: Karina Beumer
artists: Hito Steyerl, Pierre Huyghe, Ayse Erkmens, Jeremy Deller, Michael Dean, Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca, Maria Hassabi, Douglas Gordon, Termokiss / Toestand / Happy Positiv / Soshenko 33
warm showers: Rick, Barbara, Ingrid, Koen, Christa, Frans




Mobile Autonomy
Exercises in Artists’ Self Organization
2015, with: Frederik Vergaert, Valérie de Ghellinck, Pascal Gielen, Nico Dockx, Frederike Landau, Thomas Hirschhorn and Stacy Brafield



Schermafbeelding 2019-02-28 om 16.54.47Metamonumentperformancevideo
Collaboration with Marek van de Watering
HVD colour, stereo 22’49’’
The critical tourism series, is created by architecture studio Centrala. It is an evolving guided-tour throughout Warsaw’s memoryscape. Małgorzata Kuciewicz shows Marek and Karina the metamonument: a monument about a monument. Marek and Karina try to add an other layer in to this term, and therefore create a metamonumentperformance. In this queste, some questions arise: What is the battle of the monuments? Can documentation be a strategy? Is possible to do anything at this monument without making unconscious propaganda? And: how to be careful? The visitors of this performance where asked (for) to (be) (a) present. Present: not past or future: now / Present: to appear in a particular place / Present: a gift / Present: to show or manifest. Paralel to this, an official permission is needed for this action. And an unexpected meta-metamonumentperformance appears.

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-28 om 16.44.41

Iron Sky 2 (the making of)
2017, HDV colour, stereo, 13’58”

Curator Wouter Van Loo invites Karina Beumer to take part in a group exhibition. He promotes the exhibition as: “An exhibition with six young female artists.” Therefore Karina invites Wouter to execute her work: to built a tribune for the exhibition. She also gives Wouter the task to document his (her) work in video. Karina cuts the material using her female gaze, and tries to objectify Wouter. The tribune was on show during the exhibition, accompanied with the edited film footage. After the exhibition, Karina uses the parts of the tribune as a book closet in her studio. Wouter gets the video file in return.

Curator Wouter Van Loo nodigt Karina Beumer uit om deel te nemen aan een groepstentoonstelling. Hij promoot de tentoonstelling als: “Een tentoonstelling met zes jonge vrouwelijke kunstenaars.” Hierop nodigt Karina Wouter uit om haar werk uit te voeren: om een tribune te bouwen voor de tentoonstelling. Ze geeft Wouter ook de taak om zijn werkproces te documenteren met video. Karina monteert dit materiaal door haar vrouwelijke blik te gebruiken en probeert Wouter te objectiveren. De tribune is te zien tijdens de tentoonstelling, vergezeld met de montage van de filmbeelden door Wouter. Na de tentoonstelling gebruikt Karina de tribune als een boekenkast in haar studio. In ruil krijgt Wouter krijgt het videobestand.
video: https://vimeo.com/222192245


26 ddd06 karinabeumer

31 dd10 karinabeumer

Toolland, Johann, Roland, Brenda, Martin, Philip, Puck, Nico & you
2015, Drawings, video, installation, book.
Performances: ‘Official welcome’ executed by Wouter Davidts & THE verboden boys,
‘Five Nominees’ executed by Ad van Rosmalen
‘Readings’ executed by the jury, Dora Garcia, Joris Ghekiere, Steve Van den Bosch, Ellen Augustynen and Koen Theys – dresscode: Black and White


Toolland, Johann, Roland, Brenda, Martin, Philip, Puck, Nico & you THE GUIDEBOOK
Published by Uitgeverij Digitalis
written by Brenda Tempelaar, Puck Vonk, Roland Roos, Nico Dockx, Karina Beumer
Edited by Karina Beumer
Transcription and proof-reading by Lise Lotte ten Voorde, Tom l’Istelle, Nico Dockx
Pages: 101
Dimensions: 145㎜ × 210㎜ × 8㎜
ISBN: 978-9-462-28657-3
Sold out


TOTAL ART WORKOUT karina vs karina FOTO edwin deen

07 nico

Total Art Workout
Karina vs. Karina
2014 – 2015, An aerobic dance class with movements from art history.

collaboration with Karina van Leengoed – basic concept: Linde Luyten, Line Broeckx, Julie Van de Meuter, Karina van Leengoed and Karina Beumer – Performed in: museum de Pont Tilburg NL, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam NL, Sint Lucas Antwerp BE, Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam NL, galerie mariondecannière and trampoline Antwerp BE, Beaufort beyond borders (shirtologie edition) Iconostase Surjetée Oostende BE – Pictures: Dorenda Verhaegen, Edwin Deen, Denise Mots, Puck Vonk.
movements inspired on: Edvard Munch, Joseph Beuys, John Baldessari, Bruce Nauman, Paul McCarthy, Gilbert & George, Francis Alÿs, Tino Sehgal, Ulay and Abramovic, Jérôme Bel – T-Shirts by: Erich Weiss, Tere Recarens, Nico Dockx, Gianni Motti, Mark Wallinger, Philip Emde, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Sef Peeters, Geoffrey de Beer and Otto van Berchem.

The painter and the knight
2014, video colour, sound, 00’32”


The Open Quest
2018, HD video, colour, stereo, 17’22’’
video,interview, montage and drawings: Karina Beumer
with: Pascal Gielen, Lara Garcia Diaz
interview: Katinka de Jonge, Karina Beumer, Liesje De Laet
translation: Brenda Tempelaar

Johann about ceramics being the new video (videostill)
2015, HDV colour, 04’18”




Media offline
2018, HDV colour, stereo, 02’33” (loop)