/ feelings

Are you with me now?
2019, HDV colour stereo, 04’21”
special thanks to: Margot Zweers, text by: Max Martin, Herbie Crichlow

What you gonna do in the milkyway (anyway)?
2019, HDV colour stereo
music: Hard End Soft (Welmer Keesmaat, Edwin Deen, Karina Beumer)
special guest appearance: Eleanor Duffin, Garry Loughlin, Geeske de Boer-Visser

Falling, falling
2018, HDV colour, loop
sound: Igor Kłaczyński

Molly always seems to be stuck between the frames*
2019 HDV, colour, screensaver, no sound, 10’19” loop
* vrij naar Patricia Pisters, The Neuro-Image -A Deleuzian Film-Philosophy of Digital Screen Culture- (2012), Stanford University Press, p. 54

Could it be a picture in my mind?
2019, HDV colour, stereo, 05’28” (loop)
Voice: Nina Goedegebure

2015, pen on paper
(particuliere collectie)


2015, 3’47”
Executed by Céline Mathieu
music advisor: Mihnea Mircan
reference: Iván Argote
during the vernissage: Geoffrey de Beer & Karina Beumer, Open for new challenges, Base Alpha Gallery Antwerp BE